ASHIQ KHAN – JAMES FLOYD Ashiq, 20, is our protagonist and a young rebel at a crossroads in his life. He is desperately looking for a way out of a mundane existence that seems to be inevitably mapped out for him. Ash embarks on a thrilling rollercoaster of a weekend as he tries to make his mark in the World as a celebrated DJ, but he also has to deal with his family’s mysterious secrets… THE FAMILY AHMED KHAN – ALY KHAN Ahmed is Ash’s much older brother. He expects Ash to join the family business even though he’s capable of a lot more. Regarding Ash’s contempt for the job as a personal affront, he decides to teach Ash a lesson in life… RUBENA KHAN – SHAHEEN KHAN Ahmed’s wife Rubena was born into a modern family in Karachi. Beautiful, sophisticated and educated, by the time she hit her twenties the world was her oyster. Excited about moving to England and marrying Ahmed, Rubena felt it was her destiny to live on British shores, after all she’d read Dickens, studied Chaucer and even played Juliet in her college’s production of Romeo and Juliet, and to be getting married to a businessman in London… What a catch! SAIRAH KHAN – SHIVANI GHAI Sairah, 25, is Ash’s older sister and closest friend. She’s the only one in the family who really understands him. Bestowed with both brains and beauty, she’s in her final year of Law school and lives in a shared student apartment. She’s alsoCharacters secretly dating DJ and music producer Ronnie. ASH’S CREW RIZWAN – NEET MOHAN Rizwan, 21, is Ash’s distant cousin and close friend. He is a boffin studying engineering, and has only become cool by association, it helps that Riz has access to a decent set of wheels (in the form of his Dad’s BMW). JAMMAZ (JAZ) – ELYES GABEL JAZ 20, is Ash’s oldest friend. Good-looking and blessed with the gift of the gab, Jaz is a devoted Mummy’s boy. Having grown up surrounded by relentless female attention, Jaz can’t get enough of it and is a supreme charmer and flirt. ZAFAR (ZAF) – ADAM DEACON ZAF, 20, is the fourth and final member of ASH’S crew. Zaf is mixed race (his Mum was Irish and his Dad from Bangladesh), his parents were disowned by their respective families when they began a relationship. Zaf had to start caring for his Dad (who is now in a wheelchair), after his Mum died. He ducks, dives, wheels, deals and does whatever he has to in order to get by. THE OTHERS RONNIE – SIMON WEBBE RONNIE, 28, is a spirited young black guy who decided to pursue his passion for DJ-ing. He plays at the local clubs and has gotten to know Ash and the rest of his friends. Ronnie’s been dating Sairah for the past few months, he’s beginning get serious about her and thinks she could be the one. As a DJ he’s used to women throwing themselves at him, but this time he might just have fallen for the wrong girl… BELLA – KATIA WINTER BELLA, 25, is stunningly beautiful and fiercely independent. She’s Swedish and spends all the money she earns from dancing in nightclubs, travelling. Without fully understanding why, Ash is captivated by her. Exciting and enthralling, BELLA’S a free spirit but she’s also very mature and down to earth. ASH comes to realise they’re actually a world apart and she’s not going to be the one to save him, however much he wants her to be.

Get involved

We are offering YOU the chance to appear in the new, cult, Brit movie by KIDULTHOOD director Menhaj Huda; Get involvedEVERYWHERE & NOWHERE, starring Adam Deacon and James Floyd. EVERYWHERE & NOWHERE is a raw, powerful and funny coming-of-age film focusing on the identity struggles of Ash a
young British Asian who is torn between the traditions of his suburban family life and his passion for music. To be in with a possible chance of winning a part in the film and meeting the cast and crew, answer this question: Where in London is Everywhere & Nowhere set? Is it: A. Harrow B. Brixton C. Stratford Text XTRA followed by a SPACE and then your answer A, B or C to 80008 Entries by text will cost £1.50 plus your standard network charge. Callers should be over 16 years of age and have the bill payers permission. Winners will be selected at random from all correct answers received after the closing date. The closing date for this competition is 2nd of July 2010 at midnight. Filming will take place over June and July in London, UK.

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